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Sagol Department of Neurobiology

Neuroscience research at the Sagol Department of Neurobiology of the University of Haifa is a unique enterprise, focusing on the interface between behavior and its neural substrates.

Each of our research groups, ranging across diverse neuroscience disciplines and model systems, focuses on particular behaviors and seek to unveil their underlying mechanisms. These explorations are conducted on multiple levels, from the molecular and cellular mechanisms to the study of whole neuronal systems.

The methods employed by our faculty include molecular and cellular biology, genetic manipulations, microscopy, in-vitro and in-vivo electrophysiology and human functional imaging. Together, we illuminate topics in learning and memory, and cognitive processes in health and disease from diverse angles, ultimately aiming at understanding the neuronal processes yielding complex behaviors. 

Recent Publications

Retailleau, A. & Morris, G. (2018). Spatial rule learning and corresponding CA1 place cell reorientation depend on local dopamine release.  Current Biology

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Chakraborty, D., Fedorova, O.V., Bagrov, A.Y., & Kaphzan, H. (2017). Selective ligands for Na+/K+-ATPase α isoforms differentially and cooperatively regulate excitability of pyramidal neurons in distinct brain regions. Neuropharmacology.

Chakraborty, D., Troung, D.Q., Bikson, >, & Kaphzan, H. (2017). Neuromodulation of axon terminals. Cerebral Cortex