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Congratulations to Shani Stern for her promotion to Associate Professor, 

and to Hanoch Kaphzan for promotion to full professor. 

Weekly Seminars, 2023-2024



Sagol Department of Neurobiology

Neuroscience research at the Sagol Department of Neurobiology of the University of Haifa is a unique enterprise, focusing on the interface between behavior and its neural substrates.

Each of our research groups, ranging across diverse neuroscience disciplines and model systems, focuses on particular behaviors and seek to unveil their underlying mechanisms. These explorations are conducted on multiple levels, from the molecular and cellular mechanisms to the study of whole neuronal systems.

The methods employed by our faculty include molecular and cellular biology, genetic manipulations, microscopy, in-vitro and in-vivo electrophysiology and human functional imaging. Together, we illuminate topics in learning and memory, and cognitive processes in health and disease from diverse angles, ultimately aiming at understanding the neuronal processes yielding complex behaviors. 

Recent Publications

Kundu, S., Paul, B., Reuevni, I., Lamprecht, R., & Barkai, E. (2024). Learning‐induced bidirectional enhancement of inhibitory synaptic metaplasticity. The Journal of Physiology.

Simchi, L., Kri Gupta, P., Feuermann, Y. & Kaphzan, H. (2023). Elevated ROS levels during the early development of Angelman syndrome alter the apoptotic capacity of the devloping neural precurser cells. Molecular Psychiatry. 

Sloin HE, Spivak L, Levi A, Gattegno R, Someck S, Stark E (2024) Local activation of CA1 pyramidal cells induces theta phase precession. Science, 383:551-558.

Assouline, A., Mendelsohn, A. (2023). Weaving a story: Narrative formation over prolonged time scales engages social cognition and frontoparietal networks. European Journal of Neuroscience. 57:809-823.

Hochgerner H, Singh S, Tibi M, Lin Z, Skarbianskis N, Admati I, Ophir O, Reinhardt N, Netser S, Wagner S, Zeisel A. (2023). Neuronal types in the mouse amygdala and their transcriptional response to fear conditioningNat Neurosci, 2237–2249

Mizrahi, L., Choudhary, A., Ofer, P., Goldberg, G., Milanesi, E., Kelsoe, J. R., ... & Stern, S. (2023). Immunoglobulin genes expressed in lymphoblastoid cell lines discern and predict lithium response in bipolar disorder patientsMolecular Psychiatry, 1-14.